Monday, December 17, 2012

12-12-12 Arrival of our Princess EL

It was unexpected arrival of our Princess EL on the date everyone was looking forward for.

I woke up about 2.30am with contractions which was about 30 minutes apart. It was uncomfortable to lie down on the bed that I decided to sit on the sofa and rest with my head tilt back. It was about 3.30am when I could feel something going to gush out that I stood up and found my water bag burst. I was walking slowly to wake PaPa up. He was sleeping with AL on her bed.

Immediately, PaPa woke up and started to mop the whole apartment while I took my shower. PaPa was trying to call Yi Yee but I guessed she was in deep sleep. He also tried to call Kong Kong and was not reachable. At last, he managed to call Poh Poh. While waiting for Poh Poh, PaPa continued to finish up the mopping.

While we were on the way to hospital, I called the stand-by gynae (Dr Y) because my gynae (Dr R) was out of town to assist in a court case down south. I managed to get the Dr Y’s handphone from my colleague who was under Dr Y’s care just the day before.

At 4.40am, we were in the delivery room. The midwife checked and I was dilated 3-4cm. This time there was no induction drip and it was 100% natural.

Dr Y arrived at 6.21am to check and found I was about 5cm. She found from the nurse who asked me about my past delivery history. She said she would stand by outside and not going anywhere.

Than a nurse came in wanted to put medication to my buttock to clear my bowel but it was good she asked me how I am feeling, I was almost whispering that I felt the urge to push. PaPa had to convey the message to the nurse that she decided it would be better not to administer the medication.

The nurse asked me any painkiller and what painkiller I used. Upon found out that I only use laughing gas, they passed the mask asking to breathe very deep in. It was quite hard to breathe deep in that PaPa help by pushing the button the release the gas easier for me.

By about 7am, the urge to push was strong and I was holding PaPa’s hands and told him I need to push. The nurses push me to the side and ask me to take laughing gas while they prepare the room and Dr Y got ready. It was another same long waiting like what happen to AL’s time where I was not allowed to push.

By the time I was asked me to turn, I was already tired and besides that I was unable to turn fast enough. With no assistance of episiotomy, forceps etc... Plus numbness of legs trying so hard to push, EL was delivered at 7.21am on 12-12-12, weighing 3.66kg. It was the most difficult push among all the 3 deliveries but this was the only one with 100% with no induction and no episiotomy. This was the only one PaPa had the honor to cut the umbilical cord.

EL was the 2nd baby born in that hospital with the 1st one born at 5+am on 12-12-12.