Thursday, December 20, 2012

17Dec2012 – EL’s 1st Paed Check-up

17Dec2012 was EL’s 1st Pediatrician check-up after leaving the hospital on 13-12-12. We changed her to our regular pediatrician who has been seeing both JL and AL since baby. We were there early to have EL’s blood being taken to check on the jaundice level. When she was discharged, her level was 115. The pediatrician still remembered us even though we didn’t see him for such a long time. He was asking how JL and AL were and even commented that he didn’t see them for such long time means they are healthy. He did a thorough check on EL and EL’s jaundice level went up a bit to 128 but still below danger level. Overall, EL was given a clean report by him and she only need to be back to see him at 1+ month old.