Friday, December 21, 2012

20Dec2012 – Gynae’s Follow-up

My gynae’s clinic closed on Wednesday so the one week check-up was done one day later on 20Dec2012. I went back to see Dr R even though Dr Y who delivered EL. Dr R was impressed to hear that I managed to deliver EL without any assistance of episiotomy and forceps. He scanned my uterus and checked my stitches. We took a photo with him.

After seeing Dr R, we dropped by the next room to say hi to Dr Y. PaPa took photo Dr Y with AL and EL. JL was having his badminton workshop that whole week.

Everything was ok and Dr R would be seeing me in 5 weeks time. I am sure I am going to miss visiting this clinic seeing nice doctors and also friendly staffs. I would be back for my regular pap smear.