Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baby Weight differences…

On the last check-up on 06Dec2012, gynae noted that baby #3 will be the heaviest among three kids. JL was the lightest followed by AL. Based on the last scan, baby #3 weight as per scan was already heavier than AL.

JL was a miracle baby who was less than 2kg via scan 2 days before he was delivered. He came out with slightly over the minimum weight and avoided the incubator. His weight was 2.58kg (above minimum 2.5kg).

As for AL, I prayed for a slightly over 3kg baby and her birth weight was about 3.18kg.

Initially I was concerned but I keep myself positive remembering God’s promise for Supernatural Childbirth. I remembered that AL was bigger than JL but the stitches were much lesser than JL.

God is great…all the time…