Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hunting for baby name…

Hunting and searching for baby name can be tedious and also fun. The rules set by PaPa are:

- Bible name
- Hebrew name
- Ends with ‘EL’ because EL is Elohim which means God in Hebrew

In the Bible, most of the names are for boys (masculine). It is tricky when we need to get our girls’ name. AL’s name is actually a masculine name in the Bible without many people realizing thinking that we give her the name from the Disney Princess. It was also a coincident end with the same last 4 alphabets instead of just EL.

So, a lot people will be guessing that baby#3 will also has similar last 4 alphabets with her JL and AL… it will be a surprise….

It took us quite sometimes to get baby#3 name…