Saturday, January 05, 2013

02Jan2013 – Back to School/Kindy

Every year, no matters how old are they, I always looking forward to see the kids back to school/kindy for the new year. I would usually take leave at least one day to send them to daycare\/kindy and visit JL during his recess time.

However, 2013 was different because I was on confinement. I broke the rule by following PaPa on the car ride with EL to fetch AL from kindy and following JL’s new transporter to his school. Upon reaching the school, PaPa and AL went to say ‘Hi’ to JL while I was looking afar in the car with EL.

I was almost in tears seeing my boy going to school early as a school prefect. He was no longer a baby or toddler. PaPa and I made the right decision on not to appeal him to get into the top class (because he missed just by a few position) which would be in the morning. If we were to get him into the top class, he would not be a school prefect and on top of that, his homework load would be more.

It was back to usual having hard time to get JL and AL to sleep early and wake up early. I hope this would change knowing that both of them are not morning persons.