Monday, March 11, 2013

Pumping in Office – EL

This would be my 2nd time pumping in office after AL back in 2008. Even though I am still working in the same company but this time it is in different department and different building. The current building has more people and the surau is always full. I was in dilemma not knowing where to pump until when I came back to work, my colleague suggested that I talk to the head of nurse in our company medical centre for permission to use the physio area to pump. The medical centre was located in the same building as my office.

Surprisingly, the head of nurse was nice and told me to inform the lady in-charge of physio. She was a young lady and it was my first time entering the physio area. It consisted of 4 beds divided with curtains.

This time, I would only pump mid day in office and would rush home for evening pumping because the medical centre would close at 5pm. Besides that, as an auditor, I do not have my own cubicle and there is not space to air dry the breast parts. I would just wash with liquid cleanser and keep in the ziplock bag to be sterilized back at home.