Friday, March 15, 2013


On my first day of work after 2 month maternity leave, I was informed to handle an important validation on a department which I had nil understanding on the process. Besides that there was a new Senior Executive who joined the department and he would be working with me. I was assigned as the Senior-in-charge for the audit or in another word the acting manager. I felt heavy burden and super stress managing this assignment because I myself was very new in audit. Being not a very experienced auditor, it was like a blind leading the blind.

While I was struggling to manage this audit and trying to train the new person, another bomb landed that I had to lead on the 2nd one which was also a very critical audit together with the same new auditor. I felt helpless knowing that I was unable to teach the new auditor properly.

I have been working late (leaving office after office hour) and unable to be home on time to cook. I hope this stress will not affect my breast milk production….