Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spectra Breast Pump

This faithful bulky double electric pump was my first pump and it was not available in the consumer market except in hospital. It was the cheapest double electric pump back in 2004. I used this pump to pump for JL and also AL at home.

Currently, I am using this pump to pump in the morning before work and evening after work. The pump was still functioning very well except for the loud knocking sound which was disturbing. After sending Ameda for service, we decided to send Spectra for service. The service centre was in Subang Jaya. The person in-charge informed us that the pump would be repaired as long as it is below RM100. If the repair and service would cost more than RM 100, the service centre would contact us to let us know before performing the repair.

After more than one week including a follow-up call by PaPa, at last the pump was back like brand new pump. The breast pump’s motor had been changed and the whole breast pump was being serviced. The new motor and service cost RM90.

During the period of repair, I did not want to stretch the Ameda pump thinking that I may need to use the Avent Manual pump. It was a blessing when PaPa’s SIL offered to lend me her Spectra Breast Pump. She even extended offer to lend me for long term should my breast pump was not worth to repair (too expensive).