Saturday, July 20, 2013

AL’s 5th Birthday

Today is AL’s 5th birthday. She greeted the world in less than one hour Mummy admitted to the labour room. PaPa didn’t make it on time to be back from sending KorKor home and Dr Raman almost missed the delivery. She has been the Mei Mei and princess to everyone.
Yesterday, we brought cupcakes and party bags to her kindy. Everybody sang ‘Happy Birthday’ song during assembly. Each of the class would eat their cupcakes during their morning break. AL also had the opportunity to distribute party bags to her 5 years old friend. We got a stationery sets with pencil case each with a small coin purse for girls and a blue angry bird soft toy for boys. Wrapping using GLAD colourful sandwich bags, AL wrote her friends’ name on each of the bag by herself. Aunty Christine made 100cupcakes with the theme requested by AL, Tinkerbell.
Also Papa and Mummy took off from work and KorKor went to daycare later to be in the kindy celebrating AL’s birthday. PaPa, Mummy and EL fetched AL from her kindy at 1230pm. AL was given off from her daycare on that day. We took her for a walk and also visit KorKor at his school during recess time.
That night we had sushi at Sushi King in Sunway Pyramid using RM20 voucher which AL got during her last fieldwork for answering questions.AL also requested puzzles for her birthday that she got 3 puzzles from PaPa and Mummy.
On her actual birthday, we visited KorKor at his school recess because KorKor had school replacement due to haze recently. After KorKor came back from school, we went for another round of sushi at Sushi Zanmai in Paradigm Mall. It was long Q but we made it. After dinner and a short walk at Pay-Less and Popular, we went to redeem free coffee at Pacific Coffee. The vouchers would be expiring end of this month and we exchanged for 3 coffee cups takeaway. Than before going home, we stopped at Vanilla Mille Crepe to try some testing pieces and we bought one slice each of Vanilla and Durian. It was AL’s wish to have cakes with family, just five of us.
We went home to have a few photo shots and we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ song to AL as a family. We watched a family movie while eating the yummy cakes. On top of that, PaPa and Mummy each had 1 ½ cup of coffee.
AL’s birthday celebration would continue in 2 weeks time with a big surprise for her and also KorKor….
Blessed Birthday and we love you soooo much...
Love, PaPa, Mummy, KorKor and baby EL


LittleLamb said...

Happy Birthday to AL.