Sunday, August 04, 2013

03Aug2013 --- AL’s 5th Birthday with immediate family

We had AL’s birthday at her kindy just one day before her actual birthday. We waited for Sam Yee and Sam Yee Cheong to come back before having the family mini celebration. KongKong and PohPoh were wondering why and why… Everyone kept silent from them and also from the kids.

It was schooling day (school replacement) for JL. While JL at school, we went to collect AL’s Hello Kitty Jelly Cake. Later, PaPa went to get sate plus several types of fried noodles and rice. While I was at home getting ready the girls and also things at home. We had to keep some of the things from the living room and dining room into our room to make space for the family members coming in later.  

AL was wearing Hello Kitty top from H&M and bottom from Isetan. She was excited to see all her puzzles and Lego Friends. Sam Yee bought from AU a wrapped jacket to wear before and after her ballet lesson with a box of Ballet Lego Friends, sharing with Yi Yee.

We love you AL….Blessed Birthday my darling girl…