Monday, August 12, 2013

12Aug2013 – What is in my mind…busy long weekend…

Today I am back in office after a long weekend. It was Hari Raya on last Thursday and Friday. It was tiring but fun spending time with the kids. With a heavy heart, I left the home today after kissing the kids who were still in their lala land. I am looking forward to see them later in the evening.

On Thursday (08Aug13), we had lunch in McD with EL’s godparents. It was a long lunch and we went home. JL went for his basketball play with PaPa. That night, we had dinner with Sam Yee, Sam Yee Cheong, KongKong and PohPoh at Kanna Curry House. After dinner, we went to Chow Yang Pasar Malam. It had been ages since we last went to this Pasar Malam. A lot of stalls had closed early due to Hari Raya. We went to SS15 for Snowflakes and it was a big mistake as that area was very jam. However, we managed to get parking.

On Friday (09Aug13), we left for movie ‘Smurfs’ with the whole gang of KongKong, PohPoh, Sam Yee, Sam Yee Cheong, Yi Yee and Yi Yee’ bf at KLCC. Since KongKong didn’t like kids’ movie, we got him other movie to watch at the same time. After movie, finding place for lunch was a challenge and at last we settle down by queuing up at Nando’s. Once everyone was full, we went to for Book Fest spending many hours over there. We went to Kota Damansara to have BKT for dinner and Snowflakes for dessert.

On Sat (10Aug13), we went for brunch at Jalan Ipoh Yong Tau Foo with Sam Yee, Sam Yee Cheong, KongKong and PohPoh. JL and AL followed them to hunt for Sam Yee’s dress while PaPa, EL and me went home. That evening we went to church and dinner was in Raju’s to celebrate Tai Pak’s birthday. From Raju’s we went to Baskin Robbins at Centrepoint for dessert than to Tai Pak’s house for cake celebration.

On Sun (11Aug13), we decided to just zzzzz till late morning. We had our late lunch nearby home before proceed to Pyramid to get passport photoshots for all the kids and PaPa. While waiting for the photos, we went to grab some grocery in Jusco. Then, the whole family went to JL’s school for his basketball lesson. He had his own practice with PaPa before and after lesson. We went home and the kids went to playground for a while. We went for dinner at Nyonya with MahMah, KongKong, PohPoh, Sam Yee, Sam Yee Cheong, Yi Yee and Yi Yee’ bf and later dessert at Coconut Grove.

Today is back to reality for myself…while the kids still having their holiday….