Wednesday, October 30, 2013

After JL’s exam…final exam Pri3

JL got his final exam for Primary 3 results. It was very bad. Like how we even as adult face failure in our work or assignments. It is good to dwell in mourn and sadness for some time but not too long.

Last night, I was whatsapping photos of his exam paper to his tuition teacher to check and do some post mortem since I know almost zero in mandarin. It was no point to shout and scream, knowing it would make the situation worst.

After a few nag, I was so frustrated that I went to balcony to cry out and punching the walls to release because I didn’t want to throw it out on him. It was hard to swallow after so much effort being made.

We went out for dinner and I managed to talk to him nicely, telling him as much as we would help him, if he refused to corporate, it would be useless and nothing would works. I hope he would wake up a bit from his playfulness.

We would need to reflect back and do post mortem on his strengths and weaknesses. It is part of parcel of life and a learning process for him…