Monday, November 18, 2013

JL’s Level 2 Basketball Exam 17Nov2013

JL had his basketball exam yesterday. He had been practicing hard with his PaPa that last Friday when PaPa was busy, Uncle Jon took him for his practice. It was long practice from 530-8+ pm. We found out that quite a number of his friends who failed Level 2 and had to stay back one year in Level 2. We challenged him and he took it well.

PaPa was very sick with fever since Saturday that I sent JL early morning with EL (while AL still in LaLa land) and told him I will be back later after I get his 2 sisters ready. Once home, I prepared food for lunch and got AL ready with her bread and books.

By the time we arrived the school, JL was doing his last skill set. It was a long talk given by his coach while the seniors busy calculating the results.

There are award for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and consolations for each primary by boy and girl. JL got consolation for under Primary 3 boy. He was happy because his result was better than his Level 1 result. He got 22X points compared to his Level 1 18X. I shared with him that all his hard work paid off and he should put in all his effort in everything he does.

JL, we are proud of you…