Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 wishes by a mum - a chat with the Genie

Found out that I was tagged my Lucas’s Mummy. So I simplified the version (har har as usual lazy mummy)

5 wishes for my dear little JL – Mummy Darling boy

JL will be good (everything), happy & obedient boy

JL will be healthy always

JL will be wise in everything that he says, he does, he thinks etc.. (wise to learn only the good things he sees and he listens)

JL will still remember PaPa & Mummy always as our Darling Boy

JL will find a great companion (wife) who also can get along with PaPa and Mummy


huisia said...

May your wishes come true.

chanelwong said...

hopefully huisia...

ie-kee said...

The 5th wish is... mmm... a little bit too hopeful... hahahaha

hey daughter in law can be a blessing, like the one my parents have at home now. At times, they even call me her name - which resulted me not to call home for the next 3 months..

pray for your 5th wish. hahaha