Thursday, January 23, 2014

EL on 12-12-13

Yes this is way overdue post. Our baby EL turned 1 on 12-12-13. We had a simple brunch on 14-12-13 at KFC near home – just open in Tesco. Initially we wanted to have it at Jalan Universiti where we had both JL and AL first birthday. However due to logistic and time plus since the KFC near home was new, we decided to have it there.

We ordered Jelly Cake no#1 for her birthday and bought her a pink dress from H & M.

The week before, we had a BBQ to celebrate her early birthday with Sam Yee and Sam Yee Cheong in Adelaide. Sam Yee baked a nice chocolate cake and it was decorated by JL and AL with Sam Yee Cheong’s help.

Being the youngest, she is a baby to everyone. We love you a lot….even though I may not be updating regularly about EL…she has been the apple in our eyes bringing joy to the home…

By next year she will be in nursery even though she will only be 2+…