Saturday, May 17, 2014

Selling our Safety First Gate

On 16Apr2014, I saw a lady named Maya in Preloved FB looking for Safety Gate.With heavy heart, I asked her if she wanted to buy over mine for RM50. A lot people would be wondering why so cheap… DH and myself didn’t aim to earn any cash. It was still in good condition, just sell it cheaply to someone who needs it rather than taking up space in our mini apartment.  I didn’t expect to have other mothers asking for the safety gate too if the deal with Maya didn’t go through. Hmmm… maybe it is the brand the price…
My heart was tearing up when I saw DH wiping the gate, unscrewing the parts, packing into the original boxes with manual. All still as if we just bought the gate last time.
On 20April2014, we departed with our safety gate in Empire Mall to Maya. It was the gate that brings us sooo much memories.
- I remembered how our boy will hang on the gate and shaking the gate smiling to ask us to open the gate.
- I remembered while cutting the vegetables, our little boy tried to squeeze himself under the gate to get into the kitchen.
- I remembered how our boy managed to climb over like commander and surprised me in the wet kitchen.
Bye bye…..
Note: my first transaction as seller via FB….