Sunday, May 18, 2014

Selling our Walker

After selling our Safety Gate, the next item was the Walker.It was still in tip top condition with all part working well. We love the walker coz the seat can be rotate 360 degree and there were 4 lockers to lock the walker from moving. We used to tie lots of toys for JL who would entertain himself while we were busy with our housework. It was a sturdy one. It took me long time to have the courage to take photos to advertise in the Preloved FB.

At last on Wednesday 14May2014 late evening, I put up the photos and within minutes I had 5-6 people in queue for it. Yes, selling it cheap again RM50. The first person immediately closed the deal upon seeing that some wanted to collect immediately. Deal closed in less than 30 minutes… The walker went to a 5.5 months old boy bought by Celine who came and collected that night at 8pm.

I didn’t expect to be fast but was good to have it sold fast so that I didn’t have to wait…

Again my heart was tearing up again seeing DH wiping the walker, dismantling the walker and pack into the original box… All still in good condition…. Sob Sob… L