Sunday, October 07, 2012

Baby#3 Check-up 05Oct2012 – 7th appointment

I was officially 7 months and the routine check-up had increased from monthly to 2 weeks once.

After sick from the previous week with high fever, cough and nose congestion, I had not recovered from my cough. It was a painful chesty cough when I met my gynae on 05Oct2012. My weight dropped during the check-up but gynae was happy that baby was still growing despite mummy being sick and she was more than 1 kg that time. I hope my cough would get better.

My backache was killing me…well well…age is catching up… I never have this problem with the 1st and 2nd pregnancy…

03May2012 – 1st appointment
25May2012 – 2nd appointment (55.9kg)
16June2012 – 3rd appointment (57.9kg)
19July2012 – 4th appointment (59.7kg)
25Aug2012 – 5th appointment (64kg)
21Sept2012 – 6th appointment (66.2kg)
05Oct2012 – 7th appointment (65.9kg)

A lot of things we need to do in the apartment. PaPa was waiting for JL’s exam to be over on 05Oct2012 and PaPa’s fieldwork to be completed. Tentatively, he would be starting his project by next week. I have yet to bring all the baby things and clothes out pending PaPa’s project.

Office workload is also pilling as I am chasing for time to complete all the assignments before my confinement….