Monday, September 24, 2012

3rd Pregnancy update…

I will usually have the monthly update upon seeing gynae but this time blame on bad mummy who is lacking in updating the progress…

Last Friday 21Sept2012 we visited the gynae and I was at 26 weeks (about 6 ½ months). Dr was happy with baby progress. Apart from the uncertainties in the initial previous post sharing, we were glad that the placenta has moved up. Initially it was lying low which the Dr was a bit worried because there will be potential bleeding during the last tri semester and I will need to go for c-section instead of normal. Praise the Lord that during early of the 2nd tri, the placenta moved up.

Gynae anticipated that this baby would be bigger than the KorKor and JieJie by the estimation of the weight at 26 weeks about 9xxgm (almost 1kg). He said baby would be in normal range of weight, most probably about 3.4-3.5kg.

Some of the dates which I would like to keep record:

21Apr2012 – Tested Positive
03May2012 – 1st appointment
25May2012 – 2nd appointment (55.9kg)
09June2012 – a great friend passed to me ‘Earth Mama, Baby Angel Organic Morning Sickness Tea’ to help my extreme bad sickness
16June2012 – 3rd appointment, did nuchal scan was good but due to age, did the next step of blood test to confirm which cost a bomb to the pocket (57.9kg)
19July2012 – 4th appointment (59.7kg)
25Aug2012 – 5th appointment (64kg)
21Sept2012 – 6th appointment (66.2kg)

Hmm...I had forgotten what my initial weight was because it would usually fluctuate between 52-55kg. If I would to take the initial weight as 53kg, in total I had gained 13.2kg which was more than the KorKor and JieJie. No wonder, baby movements were very strong and she had not much space to move in the tummy.

As for AL, during the last check-up, total weight gained was 12.8kg. AL’s birth weight was 3.28kg.

As for JL, I didn’t keep track diligently but I guess total weight gained was lesser than AL’s time because my tummy was super small than it didn’t look like I was due plus I had a few maternity clothes hand-down to me which I was unable to wear because they were too big on me. JL’s weight was 2.58kg


Agnes said...

My sister in law had a c-section last week due to low placenta problem. She was very worry about that too, it all ok now.

mommy to chumsy said...

glad to hear that all is well :)

Ruth said...

All the best ya, my friend :) when is your due date? end of this year?