Thursday, October 25, 2012

KorKor-JieJie-MeiMei OR KorKor-MeiMei-Baby?

From the previous post, we wanted to call AL as JieJie. She was accepting well but it was hard to get other people to change. Everyone including kindergarten teachers still called her MeiMei because they knew her since she was a baby and MeiMei seemed to be her name. Sometimes I myself also still called her MeiMei that she corrected me “Mummy, I thought you are supposed to call me JieJie?”

We were thinking maybe we should call her MeiMei and the no3 as Baby… however; we would need to teach Baby to call MeiMei as JieJie….. Tricky…..


chinnee said...

bet AL would be proud to be called Jie-Jie soon!

slavemom said...

hahaha We hv the same situation here. My niece who's 2+ (the youngest of the cousins), started calling my boy didi recently. And I bet it's vy confusing for her when we correct her (to call kor kor) when everyone calls him didi. :D

A Mom's Diary said...

Haha! I was thinking about this too, though there's absolutely no sign of anything yet :-)